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  • Self-Paced Learning Courses Online
    Smart Tech encourages you to learn smartly, at your pace and from the comforts of a place of your choice.
  • Content
    We create impactful and engaging content to meet varied content requirements.
  • Smart Schooling
    Smart Tech offers consultations and products to make schools smarter for the next generation!
  • Translation and
    Reach out to wider target audience by speaking their language. Smart Tech provides translation and localization services to expand your reach!
  • Voice Over
    Professional voice-over services add a desired effect to your media. Reach out to Smart Tech Solutions for your voice-over requirements
  • Who We Are

    Smart Tech Solutions is the new star in the constellation, trying to make a mark in the education and content space. Our team of experts includes instructional designers, website content writers, article and blog writers, technology experts, audio artists, graphic designers and trainers from different fields. With a zeal to succeed in all our commitments, we never hesitate to walk an extra mile for the success of a project. We are committed to our team and clients and walk hand-in-hand with them.

    Our Expertise

    The core team and the advisors form a bouquet of multiple educational and professional qualifications. We have post graduates, engineers, technologists, trainer, writers, instructional designers, content specialists, media professionals, voice-over artists, legal advisors, compliance advisors and many more disciplines in terms of education. The experience in our respective fields is what makes us a reliable partner.

    Our Story

    The core team members were working together on same assignments, all representing different organizations until an idea to come together struck all. We all decided to come together and begin a new journey. We took the initial step to strive for excellence, while making a positive difference to the world of all those associated with us. We, Smart Tech Solutions, are committed to succeed with honesty, integrity and transparency as our motto.