Smart Tech Solutions is provided content solutions for learning content. Our team of experienced content writers and instructional designers is adept in creating the storyboards for:

  • Instructor-led
  • E-Learning
  • Blended Learning

➢ Instructor-led training (ILT)

With technology creeping into all aspects of our lives, the dependency on devices and gadgets is increasing and is also impacting the way we learn. In spite of this sea change in the way of learning, the traditional instructor-led trainings, whether delivered in a classroom or virtually, allow instructors and learners to come face-to-face in a live, interactive environment. Smart Tech Solutions focuses on adopting learner-centric approaches to design instructor-led training materials. Here are some reasons for clients to prefer ILTs:

  • ILTs enable live interaction and ensure a personalized, immersive learning experience.
  • ILTs ensure that the queries are resolved immediately, leading to better learner satisfaction.
  • Instant feedback from learners allows and instructor to modify the training flow.
  • They are an effective medium to train people who are not tech–savvy.
  • For a small target audience, ILTs are cost-effective.
  • ILTs have a higher perceived value for learners as well as clients.

➢ Customized E-Learning

The current world offers little time to learners from different walks. They are usually short of time and resources to enroll for classroom training programs but they wish to learn new skills or polish the existing skills to be able to use them and increase the chances of growth. E-Learning or online training offers them the option to get access to a variety of training programs from anywhere, anywhere.

E-Learning is a convenient, flexible and efficient way to deliver training to a large audience in short time. Here are some reasons that the clients and learners, whether professionals or working students, opt for E-Learning.

  • E-Learning is a cost-effective way to deliver training to a larger group spread across various geographies and time zones.
  • It uses learner-centric approach and allows learner to control the pace, place and time of learning.
  • It increases the rate of retention as the learner can access the E-Learning multiple times.
  • It allows the flexibility to provide a hand-on experience for application trainings through application simulations, without risking the live data.
  • E-Learning modules can be created for different platforms and devices, and can have different instructional strategies.

➢ Blended learning solutions

Blended learning is soon catching up as one of the most popular ways to train the employees and learners. Blended learning is more engaging and does not restrict the learners to classrooms for long durations. It outweighs other learning methods because most organizations do not want to completely do away with live interactions of ILTs and also wish to use the technology optimally to teach new skills or share important information with their employees without compromising with time. Blended learning methods provide them a perfect solution where they can share some key information in live sessions and share related E-Learning modules in different formats with the learners which they can access later, at their own pace.

Here are some reasons that make blended learning a preferred learning approach for many organizations.

  • It enhances learner efficiency because the learners can access the latest information as soon is it uploaded/made available and use it to their advantage.
  • The attention span of learners is usually very short and many a times, the long classroom training sessions fail to achieve the purpose. Blended learning can be a great solution because it allows learners to access the training components at their own pace and attend live sessions for shorter duration.
  • d it enables organizations to track learner progress, even when they are doing it at their own pace.

➢ Editing

Incorrect language shows the organization in a poor light and may adversely affect the brand image. On the other hand, edited content is always more effective. It ensures that the content follows an appropriate structure, conveys the right intent and is crisp and clear. Smart Tech Solutions provides content editing services to the clients.

Our in-house team of qualified and experienced English editors can take up content editing and proofreading tasks to eliminate grammatical errors. We can add value to the existing content by checking it for spellings, grammar, tense, and sentence structure. Our editors refine your content and convert your rough content into a professional document, ready to make a mark.

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